Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Alternative ways to burn calories

Some days training in the gym just isn't attractive. Some days you can simply be too physically and mentally tired to lift weights or go for a run. Some days the weather is too nice to be inside training for hours and its far more attractive to be out in the sunshine catching the rays.

Going to the gym isn't the only way you're going to burn calories, even though its a sure good one! There are plenty of other non-exercise activities that you can do to stay healthy and active.

Here are 11 ways to keep active without the gym...
  1. Park further away - If it's necessary that you must drive to work or to the shops then why not find a car park further away than your usual one and get in some extra steps. 
  2. Take the stairs - Raise that height rate, rather than being lazy! It's even better if you have some added weight from shopping bags. Each week at University we had a seminar at the top of the tallest building (10 floors up)! You'd be surprised the number of Sports Therapy students who took the elevator instead... 
  3. Take breaks at work - Get up, stretch and go for a wander to make that cuppa! It's a lot healthier for your eyes and neck too!
  4. Stretch on the floor while watching TV - people always say they have no time for stretching, foam rolling or mobility work. what a load of rubbish! How often do you think they spend sat on their backside on the sofa watching TV? I reckon a lot! Well why not spend that time doing something useful like some static stretching to fix the tightness of your hip flexors from sitting at a desk all day when at work?! Use your time efficiently!
  5. Go for a lunch time walk - Instead of sitting at your desk to eat, get outside for a wander. Try a different route to the park bench each day!
  6. Walk instead of driving when able to - Speed walking could be more beneficial that getting in your 10,00 steps a day. New research by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University suggests that 3 bursts of 10 minute speed walking (about 3,000 steps) could improve your level of fitness. Check out this BBC documentary called 'The Truth about... Getting Fit' for more information.
  7. Go for a daily walk/jog - grab your friend or partner and go for a walk around the block. The fresh air, a laugh and good conversation will do you good. Plus, these short walks are always my best time for planning. New thoughts pop up all over the place! Perfect when you have writers block! You could even listen to a podcast and use the time to learn something new. 
  8. Use your weekends properly - you know they aren't just mean't for going out to drink... Explore your local area, take in the sights and meet new people!
  9. Tidy the garden or clean the house - squatting while planting seeds, rows while pulling up weeds, practising your overhead movement while dusting - you have your very own gym at home! 
  10. Wash the car yourself - save some money and wash your car yourself. Cleaning and polishing can be sweaty work!
  11. Change you work place equipment  - Consider a standing desk or a Swiss ball to replace your chair. It'll save the fidgeting from sitting down too long!

Do you feel you're fit and healthy enough? Could you make small changes to your day to improve your health?
Try these and let me know how you get on!
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